About Me

Hi, there! I’m Arthur Alves. I live in The Netherlands 🇳🇱, originally from Brazil 🇧🇷

I could describe myself as Mobile and macOS Engineer with a strong passion for automation, tooling, open source, FRP and other cool stuff you hear nowadays. This space is especially for my projects and software development.

Besides coding I do love football ⚽, video games 🎮 and many other things, so follow me on social media if you’d like to connect. Recently I’ve been really passionate about film/instant photography, you can see Arthur on Film.

Open Source

I’ve always wanted to be more active in the open source community, but you know, the old "I don't have time for it right now" excuse kept me away for too long. Not anymore! Be sure you follow me on Github 🚀

Gaming Industry

I’m venturing myself in game development, slowly but surely building a story driven RPG for console. It will take years. Check that work on Redslash.

What I do for a living?

Currently Mobile Tech Lead at this super cool fintech, 👉 Backbase